Available on Testnets (RINKEBY, GOERLI, BSC and FANTOM) and Mainnet (BSC, MATIC, FANTOM, HARMONY)

This dApp is currently in beta, some functionalities may be broken. We appreciate your feedbacks. agnostico_link




A non-opinionated platform for sharing and deploying smart contracts.

Agnostico is a smart contract that deploys other contracts

Share: Join other developers who are sharing their publicly available, open-source solidity codes for others to reuse on Agnostico

Deploy: Find an interesting contract and deploy it to bootstrap you dApp development without writing a single line of code

Earn: While keeping the fee affordable, developers who share their codes get a fraction of the deployment cost of every deployment of their code. Each shared code has an ownership NFT associated with it. You can sell your $CODE NFT at any time, transfering the earning rights to the new owner.